Ragged Helix

At the very edge of the gloaming worlds, where reality bleeds away on the approach to the Inner Ring, is to be found a region known as the Ragged Helix. Entrapped within the impossible energies that mark the convergence of the two regions is what appears to be a chain of asteroids many millions of miles in length.

Each asteroid has it’s own atmosphere – some breathable, others instantly deadly. Each rock, which can vary in size from a planetoid to a tiny island, is linked to the next by an invisible anchor and a tendril of atmosphere, allowing mortals to step from one to the next. While some of these wild islands of rock are mere meters apart, others are many miles, forcing travelers to cross unseen bridges through the void, never quite knowing what might await them on the next island.

The larger of the islands of the Ragged Helix are fought over bitterly, and many host mighty fortresses. A number have been turned over to the production of weapons and warships, attended to by the fell minions of the Dark Mechanicus. These islands are an awesome sight indeed, mighty ships of war tethered to the slowly dancing rock islands in preparation for battle against their master’s foes, or the servants of the corpse-god of the Imperium.

Korgin’s World Reavers keep their main base of operations within the Ragged Helix, having conquered the main hub of asteroids.

Ragged Helix

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