Auction Items


The Items up for Auction at the House of Dust and Ash.

Gown of Silken Dreams
Cut from Nightweave Silk, a form of flexible crystalline material that shimmers with a spectrum of soft inner light when worn in twilight or darkness. Your friends will be hypnotized by the fascinating patterns. Turn heads at your next turn at court.

+10 Charm nobles, high Class

Eldar Spirit Stone
Taken from the breast of a dead Eldar, this stone is said to contain the memories and soul of the fallen alien. It emits a soft rosy light in a darkened room.

Eldar Shuriken Pistol
Includes five clips of shuriken ammunition. Beautiful Eldar craftsmanship, it appears to be made out of wraithbone. You won’t find an item like this on the Cold Trade. Great for target practice. Can do single shot, semi-automatic, or full automatic.

Shuriken Pistol Pistol 20m S/3/5 1d10+2 R 4 40 2Full Reliable 1.2kg

Fractal Blade
Made from a diamond-like living crystal harvested from an unknown planet in the Koronous Expanse. The crystal constantly grows and replaces shards as they are struck off, keeping the edge sharp at all times.

1d10 + 6 Pen 6 Felling (3)

Chaos Undivided Amulet
This black iron amulet is in the shape of Chaos Undivided. The description says that it is a warp amulet, used to aid the servants of the ruinous powers in dark rituals.

Using a warp amulet takes a Half Action and requires passing a Difficult (–10) Invocation Test. If the Test is successful, the amulet provides a +10 bonus to daemonic summoning rituals. Using these amulets is not without its dangers. If the Invocation Test is failed by three or more degrees, the user must roll for Psychic Phenomena.

A Book Unbound
An apparently leather folio filled with loose parchment pages. The leather is, in fact, xenos-hide, and the loose leaves inside contain fragments of various archaic and proscribed works, interspersed with fragments of a personal journal.

Effects: The contents of the folio, if put into some order, will grant the reader a + 10 to Forbidden Lore (Xenos) with regards to the arts of the eldar corsairs and the forgotten inhabitants of the Halo Stars. The folio also contains unrelated lore and partial instructions on the creation of Dybuk (partial daemonhosts). The first time that anyone reads more than a small portion of the folio, he gains 1 Corruption Point. Anyone who reads all of the contents of the folio gains 1d5+1 Corruption Points , which includes the 1 Corruption Point for reading a small portion.

Greyskin Psalter
A battered but sizable prayer book of archaic style and design, bound in unidentifiable grey skin. The book is displayed open, and anyone looking at the text who is able to read High Gothic and who has will realise that it is gibberish, with words and phrases in entirely the wrong order.

A Xenoflesh Mask
A vile looking hood-like mask of withered grey-green flesh, featureless but for a wide, circular, lamprey-like mouth. Marked: Xenotype Unknown.

An Unknown Portrait
A somewhat disturbing, blurred looking portrait, about half a metre square, encased in a solid block of crystal. Etched in azure lettering at the bottom, in High Gothic, is the phrase “The Mirror of my Blood.”

A Primitive Doll in a Glass Jar
A small rag and stick doll, trapped in a dusty, stoppered bell jar. The air within the jar seems somewhat smoky and looking at the stitched eyes of the doll will fill any onlooker with unease.

Exitus Rifle
The signature weapon of the Vindicare Temple, this rifle is amongst the finest examples of Imperial weaponsmithing. Hand-crafted by a Magos-Artisan of the Adeptus Mechanicus, each Exitus rifle is customized to the specifications of the individual Assassin. The Exitus weapons contain sophisticated machine-spirits and utilise ammunition constructed from special heavy-gravity alloys to penetrate nearly all forms of known protection. All Exitus weapons incorporate a silencer and a selector switch. The Exitus rifle has a built-in telescopic sight. Exitus weapons are manufactured at the Best craftsmanship level. The firer may load one round as a half action (normally for one of the special issue ammunition loads). If the firer has the Rapid ReloadTalent, he may instead use a Reaction to load a single round.

2d10 + 2 Pen 9 Accurate

A rare and horrible Dark Eldar weapon. The terrorfex fires concentrated terror into the minds of it’s opponents.

Range 40m Anyone within 5m of the blast must test against fear 2

An Old Compass
A strange combination of watch and compass in one. This watch is extremely high quality, with gold plating, and the signature of Erasmus Haarlock on it’s back.

The Gilded Widow
A life-size automaton formed from gold and encrusted with agates and rubies, dressed in an archaic gown of crimson and purple silks. The automaton has an open aperture in its chest, revealing an intricate clockwork mechanism of staggering complexity. The figure is seated on a high-backed throne with an inbuilt table set before the figure, all carved with geometric and occult symbols. The gilded figure’s head rests on its chest, and in its right hand it holds a ruby chalice, whilst in its left hand is an ivory set of the Emperor’s Tarot in a silvered slip-case. The label reads “The Most Sacred and Wondrous Oracular Device, Known to Men as the Gilded Widow.”


Auction Items

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