[DEAD] Victrus


Victrus was the head of a old and powerful noble house of Sturm. Rising to power through political cunning and cold calculation, Victrus was able to form a powerful alliance of houses to ensure his rule.

The only problem arose after Korgin The World Reaver brought his fleets into orbit and threatened to raze the planet to the ground unless Victrus surrendered. Facing the prospect of total annihilation and near certain death, Victrus gave in to Korgin’s demands without a fight.

Many of the other noble houses felt that this act of cowardice was insulting, sowing the seeds of dissension among the ruling elite. Chief among these dissenters was Brakkus, who saw an amble opportunity when The Ghost Crew of the Kasserkratch came along with the potential to overthrow Victrus from his seat of power.

With the help of Brakkus, The Ghost Crew led a violent uprising against Victrus. During the uprising, Azryael of the Kasserkratch became possessed by the greater daemon Karnack Zul when he exceeded the limits of his power. Zul, with access to all of the memories of Azryael, decided that Victrus presented an excellent opportunity to further his own gains.

Karnack Zul hunted Victrus down in his fortress, slaying the ruler of Sturm with barely a thought. The greater daemon had plans for the Ghost Crew, and Victrus was just another piece in his elaborate scheme.


[DEAD] Victrus

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