Chaos Sorcerer

Ralic Statistics
38 38 36 40 41 50 50 65 42 33 18 10

Talents & Traits
Space Marine Skills
Sorcerer Skills
Total Recall
Favored of the Warp
Strong Minded
Warp Lock

Common Lore (War)
Forbidden Lore (Daemons +20, Warp, Xenos)
Low Gothic
Surface (Operate, Navigation)
Psyniscience +10
Occult Lore

Psyker (Rating 5)
Doom Bolt
Mantel of Lies
Thought Sending
Mind Probe
Mind Over Matter
Precision Telekinesis
Bolt of Change
(Pg. 210)

Stat Advancements
Willpower x3
Infamy x2
Psy Rating x2

Mark of Tzeentch

250 XP Left



Ralic began his life as a Space Marine Librarian within the ranks of the Ultramarine Lexicanium, young Space Marine Librarians who have yet to see combat and are still mastering their psychic abilities. Within the Lexicanium, Ralic trained his body and mind while maintaining the vast amounts of information within the Libraries on the Ultramarine home world, Macragge. During his services his superiors had learned a trait about Ralic that allowed him to stand out amongst his peers. Ralic had an amazing ability to gain, analyze, and retain information from texts that were given to him. Ralic was tested by his superiors time and time again, giving him increasingly more difficult and complicated texts to read, texts ranging from ancient tactical documents from the Great Crusade to encoded journals and maps belonging to legendary pirates and Rogue Traders. Where other younger Liberians saw scribbled notes and maps, Ralic saw secrets routes and locations. Where his peers could only see mundane field reports from skirmishes thousands of years ago, Ralic could break the codes within the documents used to hide information from enemies long past, should such documents be stolen. Each time Ralic was able to decipher and understand the texts in ways that only far more experienced Librarians should have been able to. Ralic’s superiors instructed him that this ability of his was a gift from the Emperor like his psychic abilities, and as such should be used in his name. Before long however, the constant wars being fought throughout Imperial Space required the young Space Marine more than the secluded Libraries on Macragge. Once his psychic abilities had matured enough Ralic was assigned to a Combat Squad and began fighting for his Chapter across multiple battlefields.

The Rise

Over the course of decades of war, Ralic had grown into a more potent psychic and had begun to make a name for himself throughout the Ultramarines Chapter. He had been across hundreds of planets fighting the different enemies known to mankind from Orks, cultists, and xenos. Through his constant exposure to combat, Ralic’s prowess with both bolter and psyker ability had increased beyond expectation. The most notable event in Ralic’s early campaigns was during a WAAAGH! being repelled on an Imperial forge world. Ralic and his Combat Squad had begun pushing the Orks out of heavy weapon factories and during the final battle the Ork reinforcements arrived with the aid of a Weird Boy in time to change the momentum of the fight. Forced to take cover and sustaining casualties, all Ralic could do for his squad was try to maintain a psychic barrier that was quickly weakening with every blow from the mental assault along with Ork heavy weaponry. The barrier began to flicker as the strain of the assault began to test Ralic’s mental fortitude. The Ork Weird Boy was able to notice that the barrier protecting the Space Marines was weakening and sent a large bolt of WAAAGH! energy straight towards the Combat Squad’s position. The bolt of energy easily broke through the barrier and landed right behind the Sergeant of the unit, and as the Combat Squad’s Sergeant fell, Ralic screamed out in anger and pain. That rush of emotion and sense of retribution for his fallen officer strengthened the barrier enough for Ralic to stand up and maintain it as he assaulted the Weird Boy’s mind directly. The battle between the minds lasted only for a few moments before the Weird Boy’s head exploded in a display of bright green WAAAGH! energy causing the orks that were near the Weird Boy to immediately panic and flee. Not all of the Orks fled right away however, and as Ralic began to stagger from the mental stress of his actions he sent his barrier directly towards the Orks. Some were killed as the wave of energy struck them and most were knocked back or stunned. With that moment of opportunity created, the remaining Space Marines began their brutal counter attack on the Orks while they were incapacitated. Ralic was able to help push the remaining Orks out of the factories, but once the Ork forces had completely routed Ralic collapsed from the mental strain he had endured. Once he had awoken a few days later he found himself to be a hero amongst his Battle Brothers and the Chapter. As a result of his growing reputation and abilities, Ralic had earned himself a place within the Veteran Company of the Ultramarines, the elite of the Chapter. After a number of successful operations with his new unit, Ralic had received his first special assignment: A hive world located within range of their ships had started to report cultist activities along with civil war breaking out. Normally a Veteran Company would not be called on for matters of civil strife, but given the reports they had received from the planet it was safe to assume that this civil war was being coordinated by a small group of Chaos Space Marines. According to the reports they had rallied millions of people to their banner and have raided enough heavy weapons and armored vehicles to mount a sizeable assault on the planet’s Imperial Guard forces. While the Imperial Guard forces are able to fight off most of the Chaos forces, critical location on the planet were being overrun by more elite forces. A taskforce of four full combat squads were to be dispatched down to the planet, one squad sent to a separate critical location. With that, Ralic joined his unit and began his descent down to the planet with the taskforce, the destination for Ralic’s unit, the planets central Librarium.

A Last Stand


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