Moric the chosen of Khorne is a maniacal and destructive force which is quick to anger and slow to thought who will happily flamer first and ask questions later.

Moric Statistics
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Moric is also known as Moric the devourer, Moric the bloodletter, and the far more widely known, Moric the inquisitor. Moric was once a captain and leader of a fearsome space marine war band who were widely known for their exploits as marauders and conquerors who employed varied methods of guerrilla warfare. Moric’s warband known as the Age Reveres “a renegade band of blood angles” made extreme use of deamons, planet wide destruction, and their leaders passion for extracting information from the unwilling and unknowing. While Moric is an accomplished leader and commander, he is far from a people person; Moric will cheerfully gut and torture a man as soon as speak with him. While Moric is well versed in the combat training of Khorne, he will rarely risk his life against overwhelming odds. Moric considers it both wasteful and stupid for troops to eagerly throw himself onto his enamels sword after spending so much time to ensure that they lived that long . Though he is un-thoughtful and easily angered Moric knows well enough that all warriors one day see the face of the blood god. It is this knowledge that makes Moric a true danger. Despite all his flaws and weaknesses, Moric is patient, and he is vengeful. Regardless of the time, regardless of the circumstances Moric will gladly bide his time and plot until he is sure that retribution will be his.

Moric’s weapons of choice are his trusty legion flamer and his hellblade. Moric prefers close to to midrange combat claiming that anything less is “no damn sport”. Moric has no standing hatreds of any race or faction, as far as he’s concerned all things will be brought under heel in the fullness of time. Moric is almost never seen without his power armor, then only thing people could ever say he keeps closer on hand are his weapons. Moric enjoys combat and torture above almost any other thing, considering any and every other pursuit as unnecessary, this belief is born from Moric gaining most of his joy from the rush of combat, and the knowledge he receives from his Omophagea.

Moric is currently a member of the crew of the Kasserkratch. Content for the time being Moric spends most of his time wondering the vast deamon ship, acting as the rabid hound of the crew to intimidate those who would stand against the war band and arguing with Aratus the self proclaimed leader of the band.


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