[DEAD] Magyar Marshrek


This man, attending the auction alone and without entourage, has the lethal air of a stalking beast. He wears battered looking but functional armour with an old sabre-wolf pelt across his shoulders. His hair and beard are a vivid black color, worn ragged and long. Marshrek is, in fact, a Rogue Trader, although he does not look it. He is a holder of a lesser charter who has been eking out an existence as a beast hunter and mercenary on the fringes of the sector. Marshrek has just traded a ransom in proscribed creatures to Solomon’s Beast House and is hoping to find something in Haarlock’s auction that will open up greater fortunes for him.

Magyar was found to be the scion of Haarlock. Was killed by The Ghost Crew of the Kasserkratch.


[DEAD] Magyar Marshrek

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