A corrupted imperial Repulsive class grand cruiser. The Kasserkratch has been possessed by a powerful Greater Daemon after serving as the flagship of a powerful Chaos Pirate empire originating from SacGrave.

The Kasserkratch was lost in the warp after the Sacgrave empire was destroyed by a coordinated Eldar attack. The grand cruiser emerged from the warp heavily damaged and almost a drifting wreck, yet newly possessed by an immensely powerful daemon.

All who entered the vessel never returned, until the newly forming warband now known as the The Ghost Crew of the Kasserkratch boarded the Kasserkratch. With the help of the Tyrant’s Chains they were able to bargain with the daemonic creature inside the heart of the ship, forming a powerful alliance.

Aleph was able to strip down the Chains of Judgement and use it’s parts to exact repairs on the Kasserkratch, so that it can now once again travel the void.



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