Karnack Zul


Zul was imprisoned by Inquisitor Eisenhorn into the body of a daemonhost. He served the inquisitor by guarding the prison ship Chains of Judgement. Zul was the architect of the heretics freedom, when he overrode the ship’s controls, plunging it deep into the warp where it was lost. Freeing the prisoners, and leading a revolt, the Inquisitor’s acolytes bound Zul into an elaborate trap before putting themselves into stasis; hoping that they would be rescued before the ship ran out of power.

For over 200 years Zul waited for his plans to come to fruition.

Finally, as the power of the Chains faded, emergency protocols initiated the termination and opening of all stasis cells. Zul canceled the termination process in a select few, saving there heretics to spread destruction and chaos aboard the ship.

Eventually, the heretics reached the chamber imprisoning Zul. Moric offered up his own body as a temporary vessel for the daemon to inhabit. With Zul’s help, the heretics hoped to confront the acolytes on the bridge and claim the Chains for their own. With Zul’s aide they took the Chains and entered into a compact with Zul.

Freed by the heretics while bound within a Daemonhost on the Chains of Judgement Zul formed a Compact with the warband to retrieve the Kasserkratch.

Zul was betrayed by the heretics, who had entered into a bargain of their own the the great daemon vessel itself, banishing Zul back into the warp.

The heretics took on the name of The Ghost Crew of the Kasserkratch and sailed the void.

When Azryael foolishly pushed the limits of his powers, he inadvertently opened up his soul to daemonic possession.

Karnack Zul was eagerly waiting.

Possessing the body of the psyker who had betrayed him, Zul slew Victrus, an offered the heretics a chance to redeem themselves. Once more, he offered a compact, and again they agreed; this time with less choice.

Zul gave up the possessed body, and awaited the return of the ghost crew with the secrets he desired.

After the ghost crew finished their compact and unleashed Haarlock upon the galaxy, Zul returned them from Dusk to their ship. Giving the crew the boons that they were promised, Zul departed; leaving the ghost crew to wonder about what his ultimate aims were.

Later, after defeating a small fleet belonging to Korgin The World Reaver, The Ghost Crew of the Kasserkratch bound Zul to one of the Light Cruisers. Zul now begrudgingly serves the crew.



Karnack Zul

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