[DEAD] Hiram Bland, Provost


Bland is the Solomon Administratum provost assigned to the House of Dust and Ash to manage the Haarlock estate auction and see the legal requirements are carried out. His command, such as it is, consists of 12 advocates, 40 scribes and clerks, a 45 strong platoon of PDF troopers, and the same number again of indentured Munitorium laborers, few of which desire anything more than to be assigned away from this grim and sinister posting when their tour of duty is complete. He is a harassed, fearful man, frightened enough to spend every hour guarded by a PDF trooper. Several of his staff have gone missing in recent days, but he will try his best to carry on with the formalities, no matter how bad things become. He has no liking or trust for the Sorrowful Guild, and eagerly awaits for this auction to come to a close.

Killed by Greel, The Head Mourner.


[DEAD] Hiram Bland, Provost

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