Ferran Ghast


Ferran Ghast is a heretic and renegade from the Inquisition. Inquisitor, Explicator, and personal pupil of Cassilda Cognos, he was one of the finest servants of the Ordos Calixis, and his history of service had been both valorous and renowned. Newly ascended to full Inquisitorial rank and on his way to becoming a leading force in the Conclave, he was sent into the Adrantis Nebula following intelligence indicating the presence of the renegade Coriolanus Vestra. Ghast, and a team of acolytes sent with him, disappeared without a trace. In later years, many would wonder whether Vestra was responsible for corrupting Ghast or whether his soul had begun to rot long before his disappearance.

Seven years later, Ghast resurfaced on Solomon under a near-perfect false identity, only being detected and recognized by chance. An Ordos-backed Arbitrator execution team was sent after him and were killed with ruthless efficiency for their trouble. Following this atrocity, Ghast once more disappeared, and the Inquisition declared him Excommunicate Traitoris. Since then, he has been reportedly involved in numerous heresies, assassinations, and even the loss of an Imperial Spite class cruiser through sabotage in dry-dock. The Inquisition has confirmed that Ghast uses highly capable and dangerous vassals to support his considerable abilities. He is also suspected of forming a highly dangerous organisation of infiltrators and assassins that answers personally to him.


Ferran Ghast

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