Tzeentch Nightmare of the Moon

Azryael Statistics
55 22 (9) 50 (7) 34 50 40 50 59 23 58 20 30

Azryael, once known as the Archangel of Death, was once captain of a Grey Knight covert squad, Angels of the Imperium. As part of a covert Grey Knight splinter army led by Master Commander Metatron, his squad was dispatched into the daemon worlds at the center of the Screaming Vortex on a crusade to purge the Immaterium. Unfortunately Metatron underestimated the daemon worlds and the Grey Knights were quickly overpowered. Only the twisted plots of Tzeentch himself could explain the great fortune that permitted Azryael to be the only one survive this massacre. Unconscious and buried under rubble for three years, Azryael was survived to one day be reborn.

Immediately upon realizing his miscalculation, Master Commander Metatron saw scans of the hordes of daemons that would no doubt destroy his army and immediately retreated from the Screaming Vortex, abandoning the army. Despite clearing a swath through thousands of daemons, The Grey Knights finally fell. For his disgraceful blunder, Metatron was executed and all records of the covert operation were destroyed.

Upon awakening from his brimstone grave and clawing his way out of the ground, Azryael’s first (and only) memories were of panicked survivalism. His entire memory was gone. For years, he fended for himself, hiding like a metal clad cockroach. Remembering nothing from his past, believing he was the only human in existence, he persevered against condemning odds. Over these years, Azryael, in his solidarity, despised daemons and vowed that one day, he will become powerful; so powerful that daemons will one day cower under him.

Years later, Inquisitor Eisenhorn stumbled upon impossible tiny remnants of the covert crusade. Keeping this to himself, he investigated the Screaming Vortex and eventually found Azryael. Azryael’s armor was horribly defaced from the years he spent in this world. Intrigued by this specimen, Eisenhorn took Azryael captive.

Now, Azryael is the Sorcerer of The Ghost Crew of the Kasserkratch. Despite being a sorcerer, he sees himself as the prime combat prowess of the warband. His hatred of daemons has become a fascination as he studies their power and how he might harness it for himself to fulfill his vow. Thoughout this Black Crusade, Azryael has become a fearsome and mutated winged horror, unleashing swift death from above and sewing the seeds of terror along his journey. Karnack Zul’s possession scorched his resolve as the vile daemon violated his very being. Although disgusted by the daemonic presence inside him, Azryael acknowledged the power flowing through him and would remember the strength behind it, plotting, one day, he will posses such power.


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