Miss Mechadendrite

Aleph Statistics
40 60 (14) 25 50 40 (8) 60 45 35 35 54 19 16


  • Carapace Armour AP+5
  • Optical Mechadendrite (+10PER, +20 if dark)
  • Servo-Arm Mechadendrite (2d10+14, pen10, impact)
  • Cerebral Implants (+20 logic/lore)
  • Flesh Replenishment (-1 fatigue per degree success)
  • MIU (+10 to checks when interfaced with appropriate device)
  • Nerve Induction Tines (+20 charm/interrogation)
  • Phermone Generator (req:20WP test, +10/20charm if no air movement)
  • electro-graft (nervous system port)
  • electroo inductors (siphon or emit energy)
  • respirator unit (+20 resist to toxin + voice change)
  • cyber-mantle
  • Potentia Coil (power unit)
  • Cranial circuitry
  • Luminum Capacitors
  • Combi-tools (+10 tech-use)
  • Dataslates
  • Auspex
  • Multikey
  • Plasma Gun (1d10+8, pen10, 90m, maximal + Overheats)
  • Tyrant’s Cord (+10 cmd, +5 str)
  • 5 NPC Servo-skulls
  • 105 NPC Servitors
  • Victrous’ shuttle

machine (1AP, immune to vacuum, psy, air)
Die Hard (roll twice to avoid death)
technical knock (unjam gun as half action)
weapon training (las, primary, shock)
mechadendrite use (utility + weapon)
total recall
armor monger (
lesser minion (servoskull)
quick and the dead (2 init)
binarry chatter (
10 loyalty to cyber minions)
weapon tech (once/combat, int bonus added to dmg + pen)
master enginseer (+10 tech, auto pass w/inf, repair w/out parts)

Charm(FEL) *
Common Lore *
Deceive(FEL) *
Dodge(AG) *
Forebidden Lore(INT) *
- adeptus mechanicus
- tech
- screaming vortex
- imperium
Linguistics(INT) *
Logic(INT) *
Medicae(INT) *
Operate Voidship(INT) *
Scholastic Lore(INT) *
- Chymistry
Security(INT) *
Tech-use(INT) *
Trade(INT) *
– Technomat *

Advancement Cost Alignment
- security 200 unaligned
- mechadendrite use 500 unaligned
- +5 int 250 unaligned
- +5 inf 500 unaligned
- weapon tech 250 unaligned
- Medicae 200 nurgle
- Operate Void Ship 200 unaligned
- +5 AG 250 slaanesh
- +5 WP 250 tzeentch
- +5 BS 250 unaligned
- master enginseer 750 unaligned
- +5 FEL 250 slaanesh
- +5 BS 500 unaligned
- +5 WS 250 unaligned
- +5 PER 250 unaligned
- charm 200 slaanesh
- deceive 200 slaanesh
- +5 WP 350 tzeentch
- +5 FEL 350 slaanesh

Unspent XP: 650


Aleph is the tech-priest and Head Enginseer of the Kesserkratch ship. She is naturally curious but has a tendency to hoard information. Like all tech-priests, she has an inherent love for machines and especially for those that possess any sort of machine spirit. When not busy working with the daemon Kesserkratch to repair the damage of some of her more reckless crewmembers, she can be found hiding away in her newly repurposed lab playing with some more obedient mechanical friends. Aleph is constantly looking for new ways to adapt and modify her body in hopes of one day achieving the “purest form.”

Once a highly regarded researcher for the Adeptus Mechanicus of Mars, she spent much of her free time covertly rebuilding the STC fabricator remains collected from the Menazoid Epsilon planet. With the purpose of resurrecting the ancient sentient Men of Iron, she sought to learn the secrets to creating true artificial intelligence a pure being of machine. Aleph was well aware that she was committing one of the greatest taboos but that only added to the thrill. As the project continued, her emotions only grew stronger which she regarded as strange seeing how she had long passed that immature phase and had not felt that way since her first decade of training.

Eventually Aleph was successful in replicating large portions of the mind of the ancient machines. It was during one of her multiple attempts to interface with it when she finally broke through marking her first contact with the new intellect. Unfortunately, the encounter did not go as she originally estimated. From the moment her mind was first plugged in, she was bathed in a mesmerizing stream of voices and quickly became entranced in the beauty and pleasures they described to her.

Desperately trying to keep secret her newfound discovery, Aleph would go about her daily routines with as much normalcy as possible. It did not take long, however, for her colleagues to notice a definite change in her demeanor. Her production levels plummeted and she began to stray from the doctrines of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Until at last, the day came when suspicions grew and her private quarters and memory were investigated by her superiors. It was not long before they found her latest project in an old abandoned nuclear power plant. However, by that time she had stowed away on one of cargo ships leaving the system. She was later tracked down and captured by an inquisitor who brought her aboard the Chains of Judgment to receive an unknown punishment in the Calixis Sector .


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