Scars of the Imperium

What a Great Haul

I’m not quite sure what I am doing here but these big giant guys with the helmets and these other people seem to be really nice. They act like they have known me for a long time and I feel like I belong with them so I think I’ll stay with them for a while. They took me to their ship and it’s HUGE! I’ve never seen anything so big! It’s kind of scary looking too. It looks like a flying city, but it’s made of flesh. They said it was a daemon ship. I swear sometimes when I’m walking through the halls, I see things move. The girl with all the metal tentacles is being super nice. She is showing me around to all the places and showed me her room. It’s a really big room with lots of flashy lights and buttons. She showed me some of the stuff she does and she seems really cool! She even showed me how to use the scanners. I hope one day I can be smart as her. She tells me we are going to a planet called Sturm. Apparently we own this planet. I like the idea of owning an entire planet.

When we arrived, there were four other ships shooting at our planet! They said that these ships belonged to some guy called Korgin, and that he was trying to take this planet from us. He seems like a mean guy, trying to steal something that’s rightfully ours! Our ship is much bigger these ships so we decide to fight them. Even though this ship is so huge, we somehow manage to sneak behind them. They tell me to use this scanner thing and it seemed pretty easy, the scanner told me about all the things on the ship and I told everyone else about all the things and before those other guys knew it, all their systems were broken! Well, for one of the ships at least. Before any of the other ships could even turn around, we blasted down another one. We totally destroyed one of the small ones as it tried to turn and shoot us. And then the last one ran away.

We boarded the biggest immobilized ship and spoke with the leader. The leader was another big helmet guy, but one of our big helmet guys shot some magic at the other one but it bounced off. Then the enemy big helmet guy charged to attack our big helmet guy, but the other one of our big helmet guys stopped him and smacked him down with his hammer. Afterwards, we decided to sacrifice all the people on this ship to the powers of chaos. It just seemed like the right thing to do. Then one of us decided they wanted to bind a daemon to this ship. This seemed like an even better idea! Then another of us said that we should bind Karnack Zul to the ship. For some reason, when they said Karnack Zul, It suddenly made my head hurt and I felt like I was getting a wicked bad tummy ache. It seems like this Zul guy is a really bad egg. I decide to help them bind him to the ship. We draw these symbols on the floor and then the souls of all the people burst out of their bodies in pillars of flaming rainbows and this big bird appeared. He did not seem happy about being bound to the ship and screamed as his feathery body melted into the ship. The ship is all blue now. I like blue. The people on the other ship were really scared of us after that and they immediately submitted to our will.

We decide to go to the planet next door and take it over. This planet is owned by Korgin so we are gonna get some payback for what he did to our planet. We talk with the leaders of this planet on the big screen in the room with all the buttons. They tell me that these guys are Corn Warriors. I don’t know why people would worship Corn, but they don’t seem very smart. They agreed to surrender the planet to us if they lost in a one on one duel but they didn’t demand anything from us if they won the duel. What do you expect from people who worship Corn? I flew with the small group and landed on a nearby moon to have the duel. I hid in the shuttle as I watched the two big helmet guys fight. It looked like they were dancing around each other for a long time until our big helmet guy hit the other one with his hammer and it ate him.

After they arranged to give us control of the planet, the other four Corn Warriors recognized our power and joined us! The blue big helmet guy says we could use more lapdogs to do our bidding. I think I agree with him. Since our daemon binding ritual did so well earlier, we decided to try again. This time, the drug guy wanted to put a daemon into a big gun. This time the ritual wasn’t as pretty but we made a big gun and put an ugly looking green thing into it and now the big gun is all shiny and has a lot of green smoke that comes out of it. It looks super dangerous.

Wow we did a lot of stuff! I think I’m going to take a nap.


Sneaky chautime

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