Scars of the Imperium

This is why we cant have nice things

Dear Diary,
Well, the auction was a teensy bit disappointing, and a little more violent than I typically enjoy engagements to be. Were it not for Ivy to mock the other “nobles” behind their backs with me, I fear I may have died from sheer boredom.

As for men, the pickings were rather slim. I narrowed my possibilities down to three, and ended up enjoying the company of but one of them. Had the auction lasted the planned three nights, I’m confident I would have “inspected” the other two gentlemen.

I wore a rather clingy silk evening gown to the Reception Dinner, and received a lot of yearning glances. The lust is utterly divine, although I do so hate to disappoint a potential playmate, but eyes on the prize, as the say. The dinner was good, but not great, multiple courses, well prepared, but not the most creative of fare, nor the highest quality of ingredients. Out of the entire room, I must admit that I factored reactions to the food into my selection of evening company.

My first choice was tired, so we agreed to rendezvous for dinner and entertainment the next night. I joined an absolutely delightful man in a stroll that ended at his suite, and I’m not entirely certain who ravaged who, but needless to say, I haven’t been that worn out and sore in quite a while. Simon the Noble was positively to die for, but sadly not quite suitable to contribute the other half of the Vessel I am to bear.

Despite not having the correct DNA for my future child, Simon did indeed possess a couple of other qualities I do so admire in men; a lot of money, and a rather long generous streak. After enjoying breakfast in bed, but before the big auction, Simon and I strolled through the gallery with the smaller items and he insisted on purchasing me quite the collection of jewelry and pretty little incidentals.

When the auction began, Simon purchased me an absolutely gorgeous Eldar Soul Stone and an absolutely divine dress that fits like a lipstick-kissed elbow glove. The rest of the auction was kind of boring, I bought a book about creating demons or something that might be fun, you know how I love arts and crafts, and I noticed there was a group working together to buy items they’d clearly researched or something.

So the Gilded Widow turned out to be a fantastic ruse, and an even more fantastic show. Unfortunately, that show turned into bedlam pretty swiftly, tons of blood and guts, fire and lasers, bodies being ripped apart like rag dolls… Normally I would have been turned on, but when you’re on the surprised and losing end of the fight it just isn’t sexy. I turned around just in time to see Simon the Noble hurl himself in front of me, sacrificing his life in an arc of arterial spray.

Not that I don’t enjoy being covered in a lover’s blood, just not while they’re dying at my feet.

Ivy was in fine form, thankfully, and I must say that I managed to put some holes in a few of the opposition myself.

So the goal is to find this “Scion” and put his or her blood into the Widow’s chalice. I am frightfully out of the loop, so my help is a tad limited to following small groups of people around and trying to make myself look important, which is what I shall continue to do at least until this whole situation resolves itself.


Sneaky Sneaky

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