Scars of the Imperium

The Legend of Haarlock

Why must it always be daemons? We cannot allow this battle to last long. The rest of the crew opens fire on the daemons as I cleave down two with a mighty slash. Warp echoes of my swinging blade further mangling their corpses. As I look up to find the next daemon to slay –

Fuck you possession dice…

As I expel the vile daemon from my body, we make quick work of the remaining daemons.

After dealing with the despicable creatures, Nostromo leads us further into this warping place. In the next area we across I see a horrific sight. It’s Nonesuch. He is accompanied by a woman and many guards. At his feet are several corpses. One of them I recognize as one of Ghast’s daemonhosts. The woman has a Greyskin Psalter. She must be navigating this labyrinth for him. I stay out of sight as the talkative one approaches the daemon. Nonesuch is feigning ignorance. He pretends to not know us. Azryael sees you daemon. The Angel of Death does not forget. The one that talks seems to be playing along with this ruse. I hope he is not foolish enough to believe it. The conversation is not going to our favor. We are feigning alliance and deciding on traveling together, but Nonesuch is insisting that we go first. He thinks me dead. He does not know that I am here. I could emerge from the shadows and strike him down. I could end this now. But in the back of my mind, I feel something; Psychic energy. Ralic is telekinetically pulling the Grey Psalter from their navigator. I realize his plan and sprint from my cover and prepare to sprint across the room. As Ralic grabs the Psalter, we make it out of this room, pulling Nostromo with us. Moric and Ralic cover our flank. Without the Psalter, Nonesuch and his entourage will be lost in the abyss forever. Finally, justice served.

In the next area, Nostromo stops and turns back towards the way we came. However, the door now opens to a different area, a huge pit gaping below and a bridge spanning the chasm. The second of Ghast’s daemonhosts awaits us here. It charges us and releases a wind of psychic energy. Most of us avoid it unscathed and in a hail of gunfire, the crew fells the daemonhost. With nowhere left to go, the only way forward, we jump down.

After falling for what seemed to be an eternity we appear at the bottom of the chasm, the stars of the Calixis Sector in the sky above us. Before us is the widow with her goblet outstretched. We feed a vial of the scion’s blood to the widow and she tells us the Legacy of Haarlock, the Black Tesseract. Two centuries of daemonic and tech study produced this artifact that shows the past and possible futures.

We follow a shadow into the black tesseract and emerge in a rundown city. There are protestors rallying against Haarlock, who has clearly become a tyrant ruler of these parts. We call out to these protestors but they do not hear us. We have no grasp in this dimension. The shadow heads to a strange glass door. We have nowhere to go but to follow.

We emerge in a familiar place, the House of Dust and Ash. But something is wrong. Aleph is not with us. In the auction hall we see warped figures awaiting an item to be sold. One of which has black feathery wings. The winged creature turns to look at us. I am not surprised that I see my own face. The face I used to have. Despite only being reborn in this body a short while, I have difficulty recognizing the face I had. I feel so foreign. Have I changed so much? The auctioneer invites us to sit down. Warily, we sit down next to our warped counterparts. We watch the auctioning pedestal to our surprise as a cage is brought forth. Inside the cage was Aleph. The warped strangers begin bidding for her in vows to the dark lord. Fortunately one new member from our crew that I don’t quite recognize outbids the rest with a total of five vows. Surely this bid will come back to haunt him later. However, I am glad that Aleph was saved. Despite my distaste towards the humans, I have grown quite fond of this techpriest. Aleph is released from her cage and the warped strangers faded into nothingness. Another glass door lay ahead of us.

Upon entering this one, we arrived in another familiar place; formerly pristine white walls crumbling down in the tides of battle. This was our pleanet of Sturm. In the sky we could see the Kasserkratch surrounded by imperial ships. This sight is unbearable. We must press on. Another glass door appears before us.

This time, we do not recognize this place. A woman and child are sitting at a dinner table. At head of the Table is Haarlock. Haarlock welcomes us to dine with him. I sit next to the daughter of Haarlock. Digging out the golden pieces from the gilded widow, I return them to their rightful owner. The child plays with the golden pieces. This innocent girl does not know what her fate holds. The moment I think this thought, the room disappears and I know what we will see next. The scene plays in slow motion, in silent horror. An assassin plunges her blades into Haarlock’s wife and child. Suddenly an echoing shriek pierces the silence, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

The scene fades and a final door materializes before us. This time, when we step through, it feels more real. We have returned to our own reality. A tribal man appears in front of us. He tells us that we are on Dusk, and that the seer of his village has seen our return and the return of Haarlock. We follow him to see the old hag.

The hag tells us that Ghast has been here and that it is our decision whether to release Haarlock into this reality again. As the black star begins to eclipse the moon, we rush back to the glass door. We see Ghast setting up binding wards. Since we cannot allow him to take Haarlock, our snipers make quick work of him. Ralic hurries to hold the binding. We negotiate with Haarlock and he agrees to help us in our Black Crusade as long as we help him take the Calixis Sector. We release Haarlock and go our separate ways for now.

On Dusk, we are far away from the Kasserkratch. We summon Karnack Zul to complete our compact and receive aid to return to the Kasserkratch. He approaches each of us to give us our promised rewards. After speaking to everyone else, he approaches me.

“I see much has happened since our last encounter.” he says with a slight smirk on his beaked face. “do you have any second thoughts on your reward?”

I sigh in frustration, my mind worn from multiple possessions and stressful events. “If you have something better to offer, I’ll certainly take it.”

A familiar twisted smile forms on Zul’s face. “Why yes, I certainly do!”

A familiar feeling pierces my soul as the warp surrounds me

“Hi, Im Raziel… wait who are all you people?”


Sneaky chautime

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