Scars of the Imperium

Should Have Seen This Coming

I arrived to the auction house late due to our ship being delayed for safety reasons, apparently pirates were making runs on ships. Before we eventually left for the House of Dust and Ash I peaked into the coming events to see if our trek would go unhindered. While I saw no pirates in my immediate future, something was fighting back against my divination, preventing me from looking further. I was right to investigate this auction.

Once our ship had arrived I was surprised by the other guests. When I first walked in I immediately noticed a very boisterous Khorne warrior playing some primitive bar game with two humans. I could feel the Hellblade’s murderous nature directed towards me once I entered the room, but I paid it no mind, lesser creatures the Khorne daemons are really. The other guests included a fallen inquisitor with daemon hosts by his side, very interesting indeed. I could feel the presence of another powerful psyker in the room as well. I think it is the young women in the room eyeing the other nobles, she should be watched carefully. I heard a fight start to break out back over by the Khorne warrior, nothing to surprising. When I looked over it seemed that he had cut himself playing a knife game. I suppose anyone can start following Khorne, lesser creatures really. The humans playing the game immediately wiped up some of the blood and began to leave. While the Khorne warrior grabbed one and mindlessly barked at him I decided to follow the one that got away. The trip here was fairly dull and figured investigating this would pass some time. To my surprise however these humans were a little hesitant to cooperate. Soon after grabbing the human I was following the other one had escaped from the Khorne warrior, a feat of great elusiveness or a testament of incompetence from the warrior, lesser creatures they are really. Regardless he started to create a scene, I choose to release his partner as to not add to the spectacle. As I made my way to my chambers as originally planned the Khorne warrior found me and hailed me over to him. While I did not break my stride, nor did I acknowledge his greetings, I was nevertheless surprised by his poor attempt at civility, impressive for such a lesser being.

I reached my quarters and once inside I began to research the different objects being auctioned the next day. The data pad I was given when reaching my room held very little information but the chaos amulet drew my attention in particular. Satisfied with the information I had gathered from the data pad I began to scheme for the coming events. I meditated and glimpsed into the near future to view the coming auction. I was unable to see very much at all, the object that was resisting my powers was defiantly very near. I decided to change tactics, instead of trying to view the whole auction I focused completely on the amulet, and with that I accomplished my more immediate goal. I studied the item and the individuals around it, I saw a very large man who was bidding the most on the item, a party of people bickering among themselves about the item, and guards along the room. I studied this scene throughout the night and prepared to take action the next day.

They gathered everyone together for some sort of breakfast or lunch or something, the data pad seemed unable to decided. Once there I located the fat man from the visions and made my way near him. He was stuffing his face when I found him and his guards were just watching, humans were always fun to toy with. I sat down across from him and exerted some of my will onto him. Without him or anyone else around me I had won the fight before it had even started. He looked up from his food and me and smiled and waved like I was an old friend. I told him that as his “friend” I would gladly win the amulet for him that he so desired to save him the money. He laughed and smiled before going back to stuffing his face. All I had to do now was maintain this lie throughout the rest of the day, a simple task given the simplicity of the puppet under my control now.

Before the auction began they allowed us to view the different items. I saw the fat toy eyeing the amulet before turning to me and waving. Humans were always very simple, quite fun to take advantage of and just as rewarding. I noticed a larger party of a variety of people grouped up and discussing the items, a large Tzeentch Sorcerer with wings, a small thin human with grenades, a techpriest, the Khorne warrior, and a burly human. Such an odd group armed so heavily should be watched closely. Before leaving I decided to investigate an ordinary journal on display. Something about it seemed odd when I noticed it on the data pad the previous day, the lack of information on it made me wonder it’s significance. Opening it up I immediately learned it’s basic secretes, but even beyond that there was more. The basic secretes were enough to draw me to the book, but the complex codes beneath those were much more important, I cannot leave this place without this book. As I left the room I looked back and noticed the item labeled Guilded Widow, my eyes strained when I looked upon it. I feel as if that item has been the cause of my divination issues, if I cannot later obtain the item I should make sure it is at least studied and destroyed.

The auction is beginning and I shall record my successes once I return, from what I can tell it appears that a guard is collecting weapons as people enter with the Khorne warrior arguing with him. His party must have left him behind to enter the room, better for them in the long run to leave the lesser beings out of the more important dealings. Should that human attempt to remove my staff from my person I will comply given the delicate circumstances, but a puppet should be reminded from time to time that they should not pull on the strings from which they hang.


Sneaky Ralic

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