Scars of the Imperium

Our Story So far

Where did all of this start?

Breaking the Chains
The heretics awoke upon the Chains of Judgement, imprisoned there by Inquisitor Eisenhorn for crimes innumerable. The Chains was traveling to the Calixis Sector where our heretics fate would have been sealed. Our story is not that short.

Karnack Zul, then a bound daemonhost on the Chains, brought his long plot into motion. his efforts culminated in the Chains being lost in the warp, drifting, for over 200 years. As the power cells finally started to fade, the heretics awoke from stasis, ready to excert their will on the galaxy again.

They traversed through the ship, destroying all in their way before meeting with Zul, the architect of their freedom. Moric offered up his own body as a temporary vessel for Zul’s freedom. Working with Zul, the heretics slew the last vestiges of the Inquisitor’s crew on the ship, claiming the Chains of Judgement for themselves.

Taking the Kasserkratch
Now freed, the heretics and Zul entered into a dread compact to reclaim the orbiting daemon ship of immense power, the Kasserkratch. Traveling to the Weeping Chambers of SacGrave, the heretics crushed the Chambers to their heel; claiming themselves the master of the Weeping Chambers.

It was underneath the winding caverns of the Chambers that the heretics challenged Belix Ireshor, wiping out his Onyx Scar Kabal forces and driving him to flight. It was a lethal day that made Khorne smile. Not long after, the heretics worked their way into the painted Zigguraut where the Tyrant’s Chains were stored. In the heretics way was a rival band, bent on claiming the Chains for their own purposes. They proved no match and were swept away in a tide of blood.

Tyrant’s Chains in hand, the heretics boarded the Kasserkratch, attempting to control what none had before. In interfacing with the heart of the vessel, Aleph made a deal of betrayal with the ship. When the heretics brought Karnack Zul aboard, instead of aiding him , they bound him in a trap. Zul raged in agony as the Kasserkratch itself descended upon him devouring him whole.

The heretics and the Kasserkratch would now work together to bring death and devastation throughout the galaxy. The band of heretics would now be known as something else: The Ghost Crew of the Kasserkratch.

A Prophet of Lies
Traveling the Screaming Vortex and getting their bearings, the Ghost Crew eventually received an invitation from Renkard Copax telling them to travel to the Temple of Lies on Kymerus and hear their pro—phecy foretold.

The crew had merely been walking into a devious trap, for the prophecy Copax had seen was that of his own demise. Ending Copax and meeting the Prophets of the Blighted Path the heretics ventured on.

Baphtar’s Glory
The Ghost Crew had their eyes on some fresh recruits to fight for the glory of chaos, and set off to Xurunt to gather a horde. Entering into a yearly tournament to fight for the glory of Baphtar (a local interpretation of Khorne) the heretics engaged in a sprawling battle that nearly drove one of their number mad. Defeating powerful champions of Chaos, they wrested from their grasp powerful daemon weapons to use for themselves.

Subjugating the local populace, the Kasserkratch left Xurunt with a hold full of barbarian warriors to fight and die as the ghost crew saw fit.

Sturm’s Folly
The ghost Crew arrived on the Hive Planet Sturm, and found a world ripe for the taking. It’s divided nobility were ripe for war, with the opposing houses of Brakkus and Victrus ready for eruption. Launching an elaborate campaign, the ghost crew rose an enormous insurrection, sweeping away Victrus in a tide of blood. In the midst of revolution, Azryael had pushed his psychic pwoers beyound their limits; unleashing the full power of the warp. In the chaos, the mighty greater daemon Karnack Zul possessed Azryael entirely, resting control from the powerful psyker. As the crew entered into the inner chamber of Victrus, they found Azryael sitting next to the decapitated head of Victrus. When the familiar voice of Karnack Zul spoke from their allies lips, they knew nothing good could come.

Facing the full form of the newly returned Zul, and still weakened from their bloody coup, the ghost crew had no choice but to enter into a compact with the daemon once more….


Sneaky Sneaky

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