Scars of the Imperium

Of Fire and Ice

It’s dark here, this foreign place. It didn’t very long for me to realize what had happened, where I was. The demon had bested me and I was being held in the Eldar Soulstone. Although Boylethought well to preserve my soul here, this Eldar that I am sharing this space with is not keen on having a visitor desecrating his home. While this place is foreign to me, this Eldar is wearing me down. In her native habitat, she was able to assault me while I was put in a defensive stance. The more she wore me down, the more I lost my connection to the outside. For a short while, I was even cut off, hearing nothing but the black void of the Soulstone. But soon I regained my footing and avoid the spirit that shared this space. They took me to Q’sal; the prominent psyker planet of my studies. They would conduct a ritual to resurrect me. My soul grew restless. I was never good at waiting. I could hear the voices of the outside. They were bartering souls, the price of my revival. But this human, this peasant, he is not a heretic. Why do they even allow him to speak? He does not understand the ways here. His foolish self-righteousness compels him against using souls as currency. How is this fool, this insect, allowed to deny The Archangel of Death from dispensing the destruction that is due? I called out to Tzeentch in a frustrated rage.


I stopped and turned slowly to behold his warping, shifting, twisted face; the face that had become my own. “This cannot stand. I belong out there, sowing the seeds of chaos.” I subtly issued a plea for assistance.

His voice echoed within my very soul. “As an instrument of my master plan and great design, you will be put again to work in due time.”

My senses of the outside were waning. I could feel my contact to the outside slipping. I could not be trapped in this stone forever. I turn away from Tzeentch in petty frustration. “This soul aches to be in its body. The deftness of flight, the force of the sword, this warrior of Tzeentch cannot stay this way.” I sighed in frustration. “Can’t you just put me back in my body or something?”

Behind me, I could feel a twisted smile curl all around his warping face. “Or something?”

I felt The Warp surge through my soul

Az rez

I emerged in a ring of Multi-colored fire, Psychic energy crackling around my body. Something felt wrong. My back felt heavier, yet lighter at the same time. I turned to see that the black feathered wings I had grown accustomed to carrying me across the land were no longer there. I put a hand to my helmeted face and it was still. It seemed Tzeentch would take back his gifts as payment for my revival. My comrades greeted me as if nothing was out of the ordinary. This world felt strange. Things felt slightly… off. “Or something indeed…”

We all went our separate ways, taking care of our own tasks and needs. The others went to barter for more supplies. I took advantage of this psyker planet to do some research. The Librarium there was huge. There were books for everything I needed. I received a few odd looks as psykers stared at me and whispered to each other as I passed by. My body was still crackling with psychic lightning from the resurrection ritual. Instead of wearing off, the psychic energy around me seemed to crackle stronger over time. I avoided the psykers’ gaze and continued about my research. While reading a particularly musty tome in a dark, secluded corner, I felt the psychic presence of something behind me as something slithered into the corner of my peripheral vision. I turned from my book and grabbed the creature by the neck. I recognized this. This creature was snakelike, its mouth was a gaping hole filled with teeth. It appeared to be the arm of a Flamer of Tzeentch, yet as I my eyes followed this daemonic limb, I realized that where I expected to see the rest of a Flamer of Tzeentch, I only saw myself. This limb was coming out from behind my shoulder, the base of the limb appeared ethereal as it protruded from my power armor. Slowly, a twisted smile formed on its toothy face and I felt the same smile form on my own. “Or something indeed…”

After taking care of our personal tasks, we decided to head to Mara to once again meet with the widow and finish our business with her. While approaching Mara, we decided to leave the Kasserkratch away from orbit and continue using a smaller ship we acquired ion Q’sal in an effort to be less conspicuous. While approaching the planet, we witnessed a battle between a ghostly imperial grand cruiser and several other ships. We avoided contact and headed straight for the planet.

On the surface, our ranged snipers made quick work of the perimeter guards and we made our way into the communications building. Behind the door, there was a corpse. It seemed fresh, but as we all entered the room, it decayed and putrefied before us. Time does not operate normally here. We had to press on. We couldn’t stay here longer than we had to. We headed deeper into the building. Within, we found Nostromo, the Haarlock’s Navigator. He offered to help us find our way down to our destination. He required the Grey Book and the Mysterious Compass. We would not be able to navigate this strange building without him, so we took his offer.

As we travelled deeper, we started hearing strange sounds and voices. I could feel a threatening psychic presence around us. As the others inquired about it, Nostromo simply laughed and continued onward. Something is not right with this man.

We finally reached a huge cavern filled with strange archeotech. Aleph spent some time examining it and learning from its mysteries. Nostromo seemed keen to leave this place so we followed him further into the cavern. The floor was covered in frozen bodies and blood. This terrain would be hard to cross I felt a psychic presence over my shoulder. A familiar toothy smile appeared next to me. I gave a curt nod and the creature extended and began clearing the area with glorious colorful flames. With the bodies turned to ash and the ice melted, we crossed the cavern. However to my dismay, we were met by a strange creature. As we approached it, it opened its mouth wide and shadowy daemonic figures poured out of it. Daemons… It must always be daemons…


Sneaky chautime

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