Scars of the Imperium

Letter to Tzeentch

Dear Chaos God Tzeentch,


I’m happy to report that we’ve made great strides in our Black Crusade lately. We met with some old friends, the Prophets of the Blighted Path. They welcomed us and we had a long talk about Chaos. We joined a compact with them to capture the soul of Korgin The World Reaver. They even gave us a ship and thirty space marines to help us in our fight!

We took the Wordbearers with us and made our way to Korgin’s base of operations, The Ragged Helix. After scanning through documents on one of Korgin’s captured ships, we were able find the location of his fortress!

I learned a lot about Chaos in this compact. I learned that Khorne followers will believe almost anything. Whether you are shooting at them while pretending to be one of their long lost ships, or just blaming it on the saboteurs on board, it doesn’t take much to get them to believe you.

I also learned that no matter how far into enemy territory you are, how alone you might be, you might still find a tavern where everybody knows your name.

I used to think that Space Marines were really strong and tough and that this made them superior in battle, but during this compact, I learned how short-sighted and shallow that was. I learned that the most important trait is resourcefulness and perseverance. With the right amount of strategy and cunning, humans can infiltrate a Space Marine fortress and take down a group of space marines, without suffering a single scratch, let alone getting beheaded or losing a small army of Wordbearers.

But at the end of the day, I learned that not everything can go your way. We tried binding one of your greater daemons to a bolter and the ritual blew up in our faces, but despite that, and maybe even because of that failed ritual, I find myself much more determined and full of unnatural willpower. There is always a silver lining to every grey cloud.

Your Faithful Cultist,


Sneaky chautime

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