Scars of the Imperium

Haarlock's Dust and Ash

Of Dust and Ash

Forging their compact with Zul, The Ghost Crew of the Kasserkratch concluded their business on Sturm before venturing to the void. Brakkus was installed as the new head of Sturm, subservient to the ghost crew’s whims. Taking some ships for themselves, the ghost crew headed towards Solomon to begin searching for the secrets of the Legacy. Eactly what Zul had in mind however, was anyone’s guess. All they knew was that they needed to find the secrets of Haarlock’s Legacy and return them to Zul. Their first lead was an auction being held in a months time for Haarlock’s estate on Solomon.
Arriving on Solomon, thew crew found a ship transporting auctioneers to the House of Dust and Ash where the auction for Haarlock’s estate would take place. the 30 hour journey proved to be an eventful one.

Erik Thane met his match in Octavia Nile, the charming woman who stole his heart. thane first attempted to drug her drink covertly, thinking that he would take the better of her. It was Thane, however, that ended up being used. Octavia has poisoned his own drink, and done a far better job of it. Erik had to temporarily retire to a bench to recover while the vile substance inside of him nearly ended his life on the spot. Gathering some fortitude, Erik barely held onto his life as the venom worked through him; praying thanks to Slaanesh for his luck.

Thane was not to be deterred however, for he vowed to still make Octavia his.

The ghost crew also met Vymer and Quill, Abbot Tamas, and the fallen inquisitor Ferran Ghast onboard. Each of these strange individuals were heading to the auction to bid on Haarlock’s items.

As their vessel carried them onwards, the ship was attacked by a marauding band of pirates, thinking the transport ship to be easy prey. They were woefully over-matched by the ghost crew and it’s Chaos Space Marines, who made quick work of the intruders.

Before arriving at the House of Dust and Ash, Thane made another attempt at wooing Octavia, one that proved surprisingly successful. Unfortunately for Erik, he awoke late into what he thought was a successful night, to a Cerebral Annihilator being thrust into his ear, nearly turning his brain to mush. Fleeing Octavia’s room, Thane was only more determined to make the deadly woman his.

Arriving at the House of Dust and Ash, the ghost crew found that they had 3 days on the island. The first day was for guests to meet each other and have a pleasant reception. day two would be a day of viewing to examine all of the rare and exotic items up for bidding. And day 3 would culminate in the actual auction itself.

Exploring the facilities, the crew learned much about Haarlock, drawing closer to the secrets they are looking for. While they met many other notable auctioneers, Octavia still seemed to steal the spotlight. While none can be certain, Erik Thane is convinced that Octavia was behind the mysterious death of Captain Rubio, whom died drinking wine next to Octavia herself.

Aleph and Ichabod Boyle scoured the facilities, finding strange corpses with heads sliced open and brains completely missing, a fact that worries greatly the local PDF. Yet what these bodies mean is still unclear.

As the first day draws to a close, the ghost crew are ready to see what other mysteries the House of Dust and Ash hides.


Sneaky chautime

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