Scars of the Imperium

Getting Carried Away

Last time on Black Crusade Z!

Ralic and the K-Fighters (Kasserkratch) successfully gathered the ancient pieces the Haarlock Legacy and once they were gathered they summoned the great and mighty Karnack Zul to grant their wishes! The K-Fighters all grew immensely powerful from these wishes and was then transported back to their ship, the great and mighty Karnack Zul then split apart and spread out across the universe. Ralic and the group made their way back to their planet of Strum to begin their next exciting adventure only to find that Strum was under assault by the evil Lord Korgin’s forces. Obviously an act of retaliation from when the party had liberated Strum from the evil Lord Korgin to save them from his tyranny so they may live freely to serve under their clearly more superior overlords. The resulting 30 second space battle raged on for what seemed like three episodes until the mighty Kasserkratch crew defeated their enemies. After the battle the K-Fighters boarded one of the immobilized ships to take stock of their spoils. After dispatching the ship’s captain with Ralic’s Special Beam Psyker attack the rest of the crew submitted…to being slaughtered to the last man. Unable to decide how to precede with the 50,000 other crew members, Ralic began channeling their energies into some kind of Spirit Bo…Thingy Attack! (Not getting my ass sued by Akira Toriyama over this shit) Ralic needed time to power up this kind of energy and so the K-Fighters waited. 2 Seasons later the attack was ready! The crew summoned the great and mighty Karnack Zul on the ship and with the energy of 50,000 souls and the hatred of 1,000 burning suns; Ralic bound that asshole to the ship! With this task complete the K-Fighters turned their attention towards Drang, a nearby planet under the control of the evil Lord Korgin. Once arriving outside the planet its overlord challenged Son Moric to single combat. Thus began another Filler Arc in Black Crusade Z that Ralic did not pay much attention too, lesser plot lines really. At its conclusion Son Moric fought and defeated a seemingly powerful but unrelated to plot enemy and acquired a seemingly useful but unrelated to plot planet! But how will Ralic and the K-Fighters defeat the mighty evil Lord Korgin? And how will the great and mighty Karnack Zul adjust to his new arrangements? All these answers and more, next time on Black Crusade Z!

Dragonball Z


Ahhhh man, now I have to wait until next week to watch more dialog… I mean fighting!

Getting Carried Away
Sneaky Joey

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