Scars of the Imperium

Dear Diary

Oh diary, deliver me from this endless rut of boredom.
Battle after battle, with absolutely no break in between for any true exploration or * ahem * extra-curricular activities. For goodness sake I haven’t even gone shopping in… weeks? Months? I don’t even know anymore. I go through the motions well enough, I suppose, I mean, I still put on my make-up and hoist my tits up and neckline down, say nothing of my hemline. But who am I really preening for? Certainly not Ivy, I have her weak in the knees with the bat of an eyelash, never mind the fact that she works for me, so I could honestly have her even if the flesh wasn’t as willing as hers always is.
She is enjoying the gift that Slaanesh decided to bestow on me, so we do have that to keep things interesting. I had always thought that Ivy preferred the fairer sex exclusively, but apparently she’s quite a fan of certain parts of men, a very enthusiastic fan, at that.
I swear upon my father’s grave that if I don’t get some strange soon I’m truly worried my flower might wilt.
We actually bound a demon to a ship. Why, you may ask? Fuck if I know, honestly. Bragging rights? Are we more intimidating this way? Nobody’s really explained the ins and outs to me. Seems to me that this is the sort of thing that will colossally bite us on our collective asses eventually.
Faired well in the space battle we had, I suppose though. But to be honest, I couldn’t be bothered to pay much attention. To either the ship battle, or the battle we had on the asteroid. Sure, I shot a few space marines, but really. Shooting people and playing space cowboy is just plain not where I thought I’d be in this stage of my life.
I was built to sniff out suitors, seduce, and subsequently screw them. There certainly aren’t any prospects on the ship, believe me, I’ve been looking around. Nobody even comes close. I’ve even started to consider having Dr. Boyle just make a man. But that’s probably cheating.
So there you have it, dearest diary, I can’t even succeed at the modest task that is my charge. Oh Slaanesh, if you could just throw a planet of men at me? Or even an asteroid? I’d even take a moon at this point.


Sneaky Limelight

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