Scars of the Imperium

Blood of the Scion

Blood of the Scion
On the eve’s night of the auction, second-in-command Matthias Kaiser of the PDF forces overseeing the auction attempted to investigate Octavia’s quarters under the suspicion that she was the murderer of the brainless corpses of the day prior. His attempts were unsuccessful as she had slain a lower PDF officer in “surprise” as her door was kicked in by the “intruder” and that she was too “distraught” to answer any of his questions.
Throughout the night, Azryael studied in the librarium about the creation and use of daemonhosts in hopes to better understand Ferran Ghast.

The next morning the House of Dust and Ash held exquisite breakfast and brunch events where Moric decides to play “knives” with Vymer and Quill. This results in Moric stabbing himself and spilling his blood, which one of the two men managed to collect and analyze.

Prior to the auction, the House of Dust and Ash held a viewing for the auction items. The Ghost Crew of the Kasserkratch studied the items and the auctioneers hoping to gauge and plan their bids according to the competition. During the auction, prior to the bidding on the Gilded Widow, The Ghost Crew of the Kasserkratch managed only to succeed on acquiring a portrait that had a blurred depiction of Haarlok. However a noteworthy Tzeench Sorcerer, Ralic was able to buy a Doll in a Glass Jar and a Mysterious Compass. A noteworthy Slaanesh Psyker, Philomena “Mena” Nix, House of Tiresias was able to purchase an Eldar Soulstone and a Book Unbound. Upon the Auction of the Widow, Greel requested to demonstrate it and the arachnoid automaton sprang to life, offering to answer any question. Upon being asked about Haarlok, the widow cursed the auctioneers for plundering the House of Dust and Ash and told that the Children of the Night will be unleashed upon them and that they must find and deliver her the Blood of the Scion.

Following the awakening of the widow, Greel and the mourners began slaughtering the crowd. After a literal bloodbath, the auctioneers began searching the volcanic island to solve the widow’s riddle. Aleph managed to commandeer the Administratum to gain access to the island’s security cameras. Azryael, Moric, and Cowin pursued Greel after he fled the bloodbath. After Cowin slew Greel, Azryael and Moric brought his amulet to Haarlok’s Crypt to place it in a hole with suspiciously the same shape. They were greeted by Ferran Ghast, his daemonhosts and three plaguemarines. Upon studying daemonhosts, Azryael understood the ridiculous power of the daemonhosts and made a tactical retreat. Moric, unfortunately proceeds to attack Ferran Ghast. However, before he is utterly destroyed, Azryael trades the amulet for Moric’s life.


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