Scars of the Imperium

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Morics journal entries

Time has become a complete blur recently. The deeper we delve into the glories of chaos, the more I slip away, my body my mind, all of it, and the remnants of old are slowly being scourged away.

We have completed that gods forsaken campaign for haarlock. We have brought back a tortured and damned soul who will undoubtedly bring horrors and death to all he encounters, I feel the work of the great murder was aiding us in this quest.

My body has returned to a shell of what it once was, I am not shocked, the powers of the gods must never be question, for they are the panicle of power….I shall enjoy having that power for my own one day, and with it I will wear a form which befits a being of my power….

Koragan dared to assault our new trinket world, what a fool! We will bring his own fleet to bear against him!

We bound Zul in a ship, I cannot deign that he tried to exert his will over me, but my body is my own, and I will no longer offer service to something so weak, he deserves his fate.

We have captured Drang! But what more interesting is the pledges we received from my fellow brothers of blood, with them we shall cut a swath through this galaxy! Our offerings to Khorne will inspire awe and horror! Blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne….The galaxy shall know the will of my god, I shall insure it personally.


Sneaky moric

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