Scars of the Imperium

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

Well the auction was a little more eventful than I had originally foresaw. As I had planned, the fat man allowed me to purchase the amulet for him, and I was able to purchase other items of interest. And just as I had observed, that Widow was the source of my problems with my divinations. The journal full of secretes was also snatched away from me by that very wealthy women with guards, but once the intent of the Widow was made clear and the fighting had broken out it was nothing more than a small task to find her and take the journal from her. Unfortunately I was forced to reveal some of the contents of the journal to the doctor of that large group I had seen during the auction, he seemed like the one pulling the strings amongst that group. Luckily we found and defeated the woman, retrieved the journal, and broke her mind. This woman will be a very good puppet in the future. We took her back to the Widow to check to see if she was the Scion that we were searching for, the results were less than satisfying.

The doctor’s party had all come and rejoined with each other back at the widow, the Tzeentch warrior returned with the Khorne warrior, probably best the lesser beings have a keeper to keep them out of trouble, though it seems as if that was not the case. The Khorne warrior looked as if he was bested by something, from the taint on his person I could tell that he had been in contact with a Tzeentch daemon so I was not too surprised, the fool probably tried to fight it head on. The different humans were all gathered and discussion how to proceed before the Widow announced the revival of its children. The fallen Inquisitor in the room began a ritual as soon as the creatures were upon us and the Khorne warrior, the human doctor, and the Tzeentch warrior were both holding back the creatures with flamers and grenades as I assisted the Inquisitor. Despite him controlling daemon hosts the foolish human should be wary when beckoning daemons, his kind cannot control them as best as the chosen servants of the Chaos gods. Our first attempt at the ritual failed despite my best efforts to aid in this human’s makeshift ritual with the sacrifice of a lowly guard, only so much their kind can do. During the second attempt the Khorne warrior fell to the horde of creatures that had broken through the sealed gates, the god of skulls was never that picky when it came to his followers. The Tzeentch warrior took off in flight and continued to use his flamer to beat back the creatures, I feel as if his lack of sorcery is something of an insult to our lord, despite his results. During the fighting the doctor and the other humans escaped through vents to pursue other leads on the Scion, better they leave now to preserve their life, broken puppets can only serve so many purposes. Before the creatures reached my position the ritual was a success and from the glorious eruption of multicolored flame came the Flamers of Tzeentch. With their aid we quickly annihilated what was remaining of the creatures before they had a chance to retreat. Soon after the fight the Tzeentch warrior flew off in some direction without saying anything, acting so quickly and rashly will get him killed some day.

The Inquisitor took his leave soon after the Flamers dissipated back into the Warp, leaving me alone with the unconscious Khorne warrior and the fat man from the auction. I remember the humans leaving to head towards the library during the fight. I thought that perhaps if I caught up with them they might have learned something about the Scion. I looked down upon the Khorne warrior and thought it better to leave him lying there; best to keep his kind out of the affairs of superior minds, but his usefulness to his group was becoming apparent to me. The Tzeentch warrior seems to love rushing off and making quick decisions, while I refuse to engage in the front lines, the humans could use a shield to hide behind when violence threatens them. I used what influence I had over the fat man to take the rest of his guards from him, despite seeing the usefulness in his kind there is no reason to dirty my hands carrying trash around these halls, better leave that to the puppets I can easily control.

Slowly I made my way through twisting hallways, following the sounds of the Tzeentch warrior yelling out loud. I was confused as to who he was yelling at, with each corner I took I couldn’t see any signs of fighting or combat. Regardless he was making it easy to follow him through the maze of hallways. After some time I found myself in a large open room with bodies lying in the middle. At first I assumed I had found the group that the Tzeentch warrior had been yelling at, but looking at their bodies I saw their brains had been consumed, something else was lurking around these halls. I grabbed a plasma pistol off one of the bodies, despite my hate for that kind of fighting it’s best to be ready for anything. The guards carrying the warrior were disgusted by the sight, but I paid them no mind. The Khorne warrior appeared to have a vox on his person upon closer inspection, best to not leave their kind with important tools. With his vox in my possession I was able to radio ahead to the Khorne warrior’s party and find their location, I began moving towards it immediately.

Once reaching the library I saw the humans leaving with the Tzeentch warrior holding a body over his shoulder. He tried to take off and begin flying again but the human doctor called him down, I was right to identify him as the leader. Once I approached them I told the doctor that I had brought their warrior back to them, I had the humans drop him in front of the doctor, lesser creature really. The doctor began to work on the warrior and I convinced the Tzeentch warrior to hand over the body of the Rogue Trader to me and the puppets under my employ, I felt better having the body in the hands of those that couldn’t disobey. Once altogether the group slowly made its way back to the widow. Along the way we ran into a human the group identified as Nonesuch, normally I wouldn’t pay him any mind but there was something much darker about this human. The captain of the guard that was now following the group seemed particularly disturbed by his presence. Nonesuch followed our group back to the Widow, once there we drained the Rouge Trader of all his blood into the goblet causing a daemon trapped within the Widow to be freed. She flew up through the roof and called back to us gathered below to go to a planet called Mara. The Tzeentch warrior then flew off after the daemon, nobody seemed to try and stop him as he chased after her. He soon gave up and began flying in another direction, I wonder if Tzeentch has a greater plan for him or not.

Soon after the daemon and the Tzeentch warrior flew out of sight, the party continued to the crypt in search of anything of value. Along the way the guard captain kept pestering Nonesuch about something, he seemed to catch Nonesuch’s interest but not mine. Better if they kill each other over a petty squabble than slow me down. Before long we reached the crypt and discovered the Tzeentch warrior awaiting our arrival, perhaps his powers of divination are stronger than I have been giving him credit for. We make our way down into the crypt that contained the creatures that had attacked us earlier, the further we went the more tense the air around us was getting. Once at the bottom we found some containment tubes that held the creatures, once having some fun with the minds of one or two of the creatures I turned back to see Nonesuch approaching the guard captain. I sat back to see if a fight would break out between the two, but even then the air around Nonesuch grew darker, he wasn’t an ordinary human. The guard captain seemed to be talking his way out of the fight, an impressive feat for his kind when faced with something greater than them. Before his effort could yield a reward the Tzeentch warrior jumped behind Nonesuch and slashed him across his back. The Tzeentch warrior was taken by surprise when his force weapon had no effect on Nonesuch, I suppose I overestimated his powers of divination. After recovering from the poorly planned sneak attack Nonesuch didn’t seem to have been effected by the attack, instead he seemed to have been forced to reveal his true nature. The horrifying sight took the entire party by surprise and in the opening that created Nonesuch turned his staff on the Tzeentch warrior. In a flash he was gone, only ash remained from where he once stood. I suppose that is what happens when one resorts to the tactics of lesser beings. In the ensuing fight I could feel that my powers would have no effect on this being, forcing me to use the plasma pistol I had scavenged earlier, fortunately the concentrated effort of the group was enough to defeat this foul creature. After the fight the doctor began collecting the ashes of the fallen Tzeentch warrior, no doubt he has plans for them. Afterwards he approached me with an invitation to his group. I think that this party will help further my goals in the long run.


lol FYI all that yelling from the Tzeentch Warrior is coming from a voice in his head. Your Telepathy is strong, Jedi

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back
Sneaky Ralic

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